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Background Checks 

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Residential Addresses  |  Phone Numbers  |  Place of Employment  |  Criminal Records  |  Utility Records  |  Motor Vehicle Records  |  Bankruptcies  |  Liens  | Judgments  |  Evictions  |  Insurance (ISO) Reports  |  IP Address Locates  |  PO Box Information  |  Hidden Assets  |  Bank Accounts  |  Bank Account Transactions  | Credit/Debit Card Transactions  |  Brokerage Accounts  |  and many more!

We have access to billions of records not available to the general public. Many of our record searches are conducted by research specialists that give personal attention to each request and verify all results to be current and accurate. Our record searches are both GLB and DPPA compliant. This information is often useful for:
  • Skip-Tracing (locates)
  • Service of Process
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Pre-Employment
  • Tenant Screening
  • Missing Persons
  • Legal Purposes

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Cheating Spouse Investigations  

If your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend is showing signs of infidelity / adultery, our investigators will get to the bottom of it. We know how to catch a cheater. We will discreetly conduct surveillance to determine if your significant other is being less than faithful. We will identify who they are spending their time with and will document their activities and places they visit to get the evidence you need. For most cheating spouse cases, we use one or more of the following methods to detect and document their cheating behavior: covert surveillance, hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices and written reports (if needed for court purposes).

Divorce & Child Custody 

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When it comes to divorce and child custody issues, we understand the emotional stress you are likely experiencing. In a divorce, your soon-to-be-ex may be hiding things from you like a new lover, assets, bank accounts, or place of employment. In cases involving child custody or parenting time, maybe you suspect that the other parent is allowing someone else to care for your children during their scheduled parenting time. In either case, we can conduct surveillance and background investigations to get the dirt you are looking for.

During surveillance, our private investigators will obtain photographs and / or video documentation detailing the subject's activities, lifestyle, and persons they associate with. We can also testify regarding our findings in any family court or civil proceeding.

GPS Tracking 

We have the ability to track vehicles in real-time with our professional grade GPS tracking devices. We typically use these high-tech devices on cheating spouse cases, on company vehicles driven by employees, and on vehicles driven by teenage drivers when parents are concerned about their driving habits. We can provide a detailed travel history showing all stopped addresses / locations, time stopped, travel routes and MPH.


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We have a proven track record in locating some of the most difficult to find persons, whether it's at their home or place of employment. Maybe you need to locate a subject because they owe child support or large debt, have a vehicle that is subject to repossession, or trying to avoid process service due to a legal action being brought against them. Rest assured, we can help.

Our skip-tracing services are accomplished by conducting one or more of our specialized record searches or background checks. This may be combined with a site visit or surveillance to confirm a person's location.

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Surveillance is typically conducted to catch a cheating spouse, but may be necessary in many other types of investigations. Our goal is to discreetly follow the subject(s) and 
obtain photographic or video documentation of their activities and places they visit. It is often the best and sometimes the only viable option when knowledge of an individual's movements, habits and personal contacts are in question. Our surveillance experts are highly-trained and skilled when it comes to the efficient and discreet "tailing" of a subject.

Depending on the type of case, it may be advantageous to combine surveillance with the use of a GPS tracking device which will allow us to gain further intelligence on the subject(s) and improve our surveillance operation. It may even lower the overall cost of an investigation.

Other Investigative Services 

If you do not see the particular service you are looking for, please contact our office. We may be able to provide you with an alternative service that will achieve the results you require, or in some cases, we may refer you to one of our associates who provide the specific service you are seeking.

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