Arizona Fire Investigations by Aragon Investigations, LLC

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With nearly 31 years in the fire service industry, our experience in firefighting, fire code enforcement and  fire investigation, provides us the skill and expertise necessary to conduct a thorough investigation into the origin, cause and responsibility of any fire or explosion loss incident.

All fire investigations are conducted by the owner, Harold “Rick” Aragon. 

Please feel free to contact us for a copy of Rick's CV, sample reports and references.

Origin & Cause 

Our certified fire investigator is also a certified fire & building code inspector. With this multi-disciplined approach, you know we'll be digging deeper to accurately determine the origin and cause of the fire. All fire investigations are conducted in accordance with NFPA 921 and 1033.

Fire & Building Code Analysis 

We analyze fire codes, building codes, and fire protection systems (sprinklers, alarms and detection equipment) where a fire loss has occurred. Oftentimes, code violations can contribute to a fire cause or increase the spread of fire, thus resulting in further property damage.

Technical Case Review 

We also review and critique investigative work done by other fire investigators. The investigator's report can be reviewed to determine whether or not it contains missing or conflicting information, that the correct conclusions were reached, and the appropriate methodologies were used per NFPA 921.

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